Welcome to Christ's Church

What to expect

Christ's Church is a group of real people of all ages. We are friendly, we seek a lasting relationship with God, and we are ordinary people just like you. There are no expectations or pressures from us.

what a typical meeting is like

We meet in the cafeteria on the west side of the school, you may enter in through the cafeteria doors on the west side of the school where you will be greeted by our lively group or you may enter through the main entrance of the school where you will see signs guiding you to the cafeteria and to Christ's Church's kids room. Once you enter the cafeteria feel free to grab a snack, coffee, and a bulletin until service starts. Service starts with worship and prayer - the songs are usually contemporary but hymns are no stranger to the service (If you are late no worries - better to come late than never, just grab what you need and take a seat). Service ends with communion, prayer, and a chance to make an offering each week (If this is your first time with us, we want you to keep your wallet in your pocket.  Just come and experience a gathering at Christ's Church; if you like it and decide to keep coming, we do invite you to partner with us financially).

What about kids?

We have two wonderful women, Michelle and Angelira, who lead kids ages 1 to 10 in lessons and activities relating to the bible. The kids meet in a classroom on the east side of the school, just follow the signs (signs inside the main entrance) or ask anyone for guidance- we'll be glad to help. Kids are always welcome to stay during service.

What do I wear?

Clothes. Any kind will do, dress up or keep it casual, it doesn't matter to us.

How long does service last?

Usually around an hour for the service - no need to rush and we won't drag it out.

Have questions about Christianity?

We'll always try to answer your questions and https://answersingenesis.org/answers/ is a great source for a compilation of questions, answers, and news articles