2019 Las Cruces Gingerbread House Contest

Contest Divisions (Individuals or Teams)  - Adult (ages 14 and over) and Child (ages 13 and under), School Class.

Judging Criteria - Entries will be judged on these 5 areas: Overall Appearance, Originality, Creativity, Difficulty, and Precision.  The entry must follow the guidelines or it will lose points in the judging.

General Construction Guidelines

-    The entry must be completely edible, standing on a maximum base size of 18"x18" with a maximum height of 24".   Children and School Class Divisions can use a kit, or Graham crackers or cookies.

-    Entries are due and must be dropped off on December 6 between the hours of 3 to 8pm.  When you deliver your entry an Entry Form must be filled out at that time.  The drop-off location is inside the Mesilla Valley Mall at an empty store next to JCPenny’s.

-    The entry form includes a release for us to use your photo in the event we might take your picture.  The release gives us permission to use the photo in print or social media regarding the Ginger Bread House Contest.

-    No battery or electric components should be included in structure.  The entire entry should be approximately 66% gingerbread.

-    Any candies used must be unwrapped and free of any non-edible materials (i.e. lollipop sticks). Any structure that is not entirely edible will lose points when be judged.

-    The use of gum paste, fondant, royal icing, cast sugar, etc. is encouraged.  We cannot accept structures made with egg or butter icings as they quickly turn rancid and soften causing the structure to disintegrate.

-    Structure should be constructed on a sturdy base (heavy cardboard, foam core or wood depending on weight). If using cardboard, cover base with aluminum foil so that moisture from the icing does not soak into it.

-    All entries must be constructed by the individuals listed on the entry form. Only one entry form per team is required.  Entries by individuals under 14 years of age must have the signature of a parent/guardian.

-    Competitors are encouraged to uniquely design their entry based on a theme of their choosing.

-    You will be notified if you have been awarded a prize.  Allow 3 weeks to process the prize money. Judging will happen after December 6 once all entries have been turned in.

-    The competitors who would like to keep their gingerbread entry after the Competition Display has ended must pick up the entry between 2 - 5pm on December 21 at the store.  Entries not picked up will be discarded or given away.

-    Entries tend to become more fragile over time and tend to “break”.  We handle the entries carefully but they may not come back to you in the same condition as when they were submitted after being on display for 3 weeks.

The volunteer judges from our community partners do their very best to be objective.Their decisions are final.